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About Me

Hello all and welcome to my site. My name is Gabriela Garibaldi. I am a licensed esthetician and have been performing the services included on this site since 2019. I attended International Salon & Spa Academy here in the Springs and graduated with certifications in both basic and advanced esthetic services. I also offer brow and lash services. 

I LOVE all I can do as an esthetician! I am entrusted to utilize my knowledge and skill set to create a new and different skin regimen for each client that meets their specific needs. Everyone has their own skin identity, and my job is to find that perfect balance to ensure the skin maintains a healthy and beautiful glow, and I love every minute of it. Obtaining the results each client wants is what I strive for, and the bonus that comes with my services is the total relaxation and satisfaction after every service. My takeaway from every service I perform is the happiness I see from my clients. The sight of their confidence in their own skin and beauty is what any esthetician wants to see; for we specialize in the cleansing, beautification, and preservation of the overall health and well being of the skin. 

I look forward to serving you Colorado Springs!   

About Me: About Me
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